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If you're like me, you like to research everything you need to know about the product or service you are buying.  Personally, I trust businesses that educate the consumer and try to deliver as much information about their product or services as possible.  Knowledge is power and no one should make a decision about a purchase or go into a business deal blindly without a basic understanding and insight into what they are purchasing.  With that said, I've compiled a list of information that I feel is important for our clients and those who may be contemplating using our web design services.


State of the Art Software Tools

We create our websites using Adobe's Creative Suite software products.  Click to read more about Adobe's Creative Suite software.  We carry a subscription to the entire Adobe Creative Suite and therefore always have the latest releases on every tool we use.  We also have access to Adobe technical support, forums, video training tutorials, numerous help blogs and exchanges.  I recommend these products to anyone looking to build a career in web design.


Design & Development

I use Photoshop for designing page layouts, graphical elements and simple animations.  I prefer design over development anyday!  I love to design!  Perry is a programmer at heart and therefore uses Dreamweaver and Mozilla's Code Editing Tools for coding various website features I would prefer not to worry about.  I mostly use Muse to create my websites and occasionally Dreamweaver for debugging and also for maintaining and updating websites others have created.  We are both always learning and training to become more proficient at our web design/development skills.  We realize that it's not possible for us to learn everything we need to learn in the web development world, just as it's not possible for a programmer to learn all 600+ programming languages that exist today.  We learn what we need to learn based on the needs of our client at that time.  If we agree to work a project that is out of the scope of our skill set, we inform our client before hand - accounting for the learning curve when working up the cost estimate and project timeline.


Static or CMS Website?

We offer two types of websites, depending on the needs of our client.  At first glance, a person would not be able to tell whether a website is static or CMS (Content Management System), the proof lies behind the scenes.


Content Management websites take longer to develop and therefore tend to be more expensive.  The Content Management System (CMS) we prefer to use is Adobe Business Catalyst's All in One Business Hosting Solution.  This CMS hosting platform is a robust system that is used for businesses with more complex website needs such as dynamic content, e-commerce, blog engines and customized apps to name a few.  Business Catalyst allows our clients to have control over their own content, having the ability to make changes whenever needed to everything from simple text & photos, blog posts, calendar events, photo galleries, e-commerce products and more.  This leaves us to do the heavy lifting such as design changes, developing and implementing additional features, making sure the site shows up in major search engines and other maintenance tasks that may be needed.  We prefer to use Business Catalyst over open source platforms like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla because of it's seamless integration with the Adobe products we use, the simplicity of the client interface, 24/7 technical support by paid professionals dedicated to making the software better, tighter security and automatic updates to plugins, features and apps all managed by Adobe.  Phew!  That was a mouthful!  Now for the simpler stuff...


Static websites are for clients with minimal website update needs.  These are usually designed for small businesses that desire to give their business an online presence with details about the business such as hours of operation, location, history about the company, food menu's - if it's a restaurant - and other stationary information that does not need frequent updating.  Updates to this type of website are done manually by a webmaster at the request of the client.


One of the beneficial aspects of having a CMS website includes not having to pay a webmaster to update the content, however these websites take longer to create and the hosting subscription is a bit more pricey than hosting for a static website.  The pros and cons would need to be weighed to determine what is best for you in the long run.



"A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold."  Proverbs 22:1

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